Welcome to Southern Exposure, Information and Inspiration for the amateur photographer.

I believe there has never been a better time to be an amateur photographer. As a hobbyist who started out shooting 35mm film with a fully manual SLR 30 years ago, I can truly appreciate the creative flexibility laid at our feet by today's technology.
Not only is the work flow improved, but hardware that was very specialized and prohibitively expensive a decade or two ago is now easily within reach for those of us who have to spend carefully on our hobby, and sometimes justify those expenses in the context of a family budget.
But what's most exciting isn't the progress of technology, or the lowered cost of entry into the world of photography, it is the ability to freely acquire and share knowledge!
That is what Southern Exposure is all about. Sharing the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years through past experience, and the new experiences I encounter where you can learn along with me. The goal of this is to show you that being a non-professional photographer doesn't have to mean only taking snapshots in Auto mode. You too can explore new gear and new techniques as you go out, take pictures, and have fun doing it.
What next?
You can check out my blog, have a look at some of my favorite images, or hop over to my YouTube channel, or Facebook page.
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